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Thursday, 20 Jun 2024

History and development




Founded in 1910 as a small company, Phönix Armaturen-Werke Bregel GmbH is still privatelly owned and today a leading manufacturer of high quality speciality valves. 165 responsible and dedicated employees guarantee a permanent renewal and perfection of Phönix-products. Phönix bellows sealed globe valves have been used worldwide for over 40 years for critical media in the chemical industry und have - due to design and quality - contributed substatually to the improvement of air quality.




Strack GmbH is a privately owned German company that was founded in 1922 and has become a well-know manufacturer of high quality valves conforming to all design standards. Strack manufacturer of highg quality valves conforming to all design standards. Strack manufactures specialty valves und today uses the excellent technological capabilities of Phönix and POB for the fabrication of it's products. A staff of 32 valve specialists offers a complete service program (repairs, customization, on-site service) for products from Phönix, Strack and other suppliers.


Daume Regelarmaturen

Daume Regelarmaturen has designed, constructed and manufactured in Hanover since 1947. The products are characterized by a construction according to customized requirements, highest quality and a longevity of products. A number of well-known clients of power stations, nuclear facilities, chemistry and refineries have gained excellent long-term experiences with Daume Regelarmaturen. Local service on commissioning and shutdown in close co-operation with our clients are within the scope of our performance.




Founded in 1998 POB GmbH is a privately owned german company with latest in machining technology for the manufacturing of valves. A staff of 33 well-qualified and dedicated employees complements the production capacities for Phönix- and Strack- products using high performance CNC-machining equipment..



Our certificates and Aprovals

ISO 9001, HPO, PED 97/23, VdTÜV 1065, Fire Safe, Stoomwezen, GOST, TSSA, ABSA, Euro Chlor, API, KTA, 1401, Umweltmanagementsystem nach DIN EN USI 14001